Circularity is at the heart of BEEN London– it impacts every decision we’ve made, from the way we think about our designs to the materials we choose. We even offer lifetime repairs through our partnership with The Seam.

But the biggest challenge has always been the end of life. Items like bags (and shoes) have lots of components, often glued together making reuse and recycling difficult. To mitigate this, our bags are crafted in such a way that after years of use, when reuse and repair are no longer options, they can be dismantled and recycled. But what about the other bags you own?

Our BEEN Circular initiatives encompass our end of life and circular solutions for both our handbags and bags from other brands, to help us all work towards a world without waste.



BEEN Pre-Loved our circularity pledge one step further by extending the life of all BEEN accessories by finding them a new home.

Through Pre-Loved, you can shop pre-loved treasures, as well as seamlessly resell your BEEN bags in just one click in exchange for credit towards a new bag. 



We're continuing our partnership with Smart Works - a UK charity that exists to give women the confidence they need to reach their full potential and secure employment by providing them with high-quality clothes and interview coaching.

 On behalf of Smart Works, we're collecting pre-loved handbags in good usable condition from any brand and will donate them on your behalf. Ideally, we're looking for bags that fit either a spare pair of shoes or an A4 CV, as their new owner will be wearing them to job interviews. As a thank you, we’ll send you a 15% off voucher towards a new BEEN London handbag.


Learn more about Smart Works


For bags that have truly reached the end of their life, we’re partnering with Upcycle Labs, who will transform your pre-loved bags into new material.

Simply send us your pre-loved bags, from any brand, and we will send them on to Upcycle Labs to upcycle them into new material. In exchange, we’ll send you 15% off your next purchase.

To participate in our Donate & Recycle schemes, simply post or drop off your pre-loved handbags to: 

Studio 21, 19 Rookwood Way, The Trampery Fish Island, Hackney Wick, London E3 2XT

Please remember to include your contact details, including email, so that we can send you your unique voucher code and say thank you! 

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