our ethos

we start with the problem

Our approach is simple. Instead of creating products and then solving the problems that arise, we find an environmental or a social problem, and create a solution to it.

Each year we dump 2.12 billion tonnes of waste and if all of this was put on trucks they would go around the world 24 times. This is because 99% of what we buy is thrown away within 6 months.

The solution is obvious: let’s get hold of what normally gets discarded and turn it into beautiful things that people will want to wear every day.

we ask questions

How do you design products with the tiniest environmental footprint possible? How do you make them without creating more waste? How do you create something beautiful that stands the test of time?

How do you ship products in the most environmentally friendly way? How do you employ people fairly?

 How do you serve marginalised communities through your work? How can you do all of this while creating a product people can afford?



The climate crisis is driven by the relentless extraction of virgin materials, so we rescue those that are destined for landfill and turn them into timeless, classic designs. Our materials are certified by a trusted global organisation.

From discarded leather trimmings recycled into premium full-grain leather, to landfill-bound plastics that are revived as silky linings and zips. We also work with pineapple leaves and apple peels that are repurposed into our vegan leather.



We design with functionality and durability in mind. We don't follow trends and instead create timeless, trend-proof accessories that work for all seasons. We also add lots and lots of pockets!

Our design approach is zero waste. This consists of only square and rectangular panels,  producing almost no waste.

We start our design process asking questions about what happens to our bags at the very end of their life. In addition to offering repairs, we strive for every part of the bag to be recyclable when it's no longer repairable. 

we think about people

We make everything locally, here in East London, to minimise carbon footprint and create the highest level of transparency.

We're drawn to handcrafted, quality items made by real artists with generations of experience. So we found one of the last bag-makers in East London at the very beginning of our journey, and have been supporting each other ever since.



We support the re-forestation of the Amazon to help with carbon capture through our partnership with NGO Tree Nation. For every BEEN London bag purchased, we plant a tree. With your help, we've planted one acre of trees in the Peruvian Amazon. 

So thank you. One acre is only just the start. The nurseries produce 20,000 seedlings every year, so there's plenty more that we can do to help. 


we are climate forward

We've always been very mindful about keeping our CO2 emissions to a minimum, whether that's choosing to ship materials by sea or offering zero emission London delivery.

Having measured everything through an LCA lens we learned that on average our bags have a carbon footprint 87% smaller than anything else on the market. This difference alone is the equivalent of leaving your lights on for nearly a year or 418 plastic bags!



Industry-changing innovations are happening all over the world. And we're not stopping here.

Continuing to partner with innovators at the forefront of change, we’re always looking out for new ways to give waste-bound materials a second life.