We require all BEEN London’s suppliers and manufacturers, including their subcontractors, to fully adhere to this “Code of Conduct”. The Code is based on the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions. Failure to comply with this code will result in the termination of the agreement between BEEN and the parties involved. 

In addition to points 1 to 6, which are mandatory, BEEN London recommends to all its suppliers and manufacturers to apply the ISO 26000 guidance to improve their social responsibility; BEEN London will, as far as it is reasonably possible, support the application of such standard.

  1. Freedom of Association and Right to Organise 
  • Workers and employers shall have the right to associate without permission, including the right to formulate rules, elect representatives, and organise activities with full freedom
  • Suppliers shall protect the right of association, and work or employment shall not be made subject to the workers’ and employers’ organisation or union membership
  1. Forced or bonded labour
  • Suppliers shall not use any form of forced or bonded labour
  • Work or service shall be performed voluntarily
  • Acts of physical, sexual, or verbal intimidation towards employees are strictly forbidden
  • Suppliers shall not restrict workers’ freedom of movement, withhold wages or identity documents, impose fraudulent debt from which workers cannot escape, threaten or commit physical or sexual violence
  1. Child labour
  • Workers shall be over the age of 15, or the minimum age for employment defined by each State where the employment or work takes place, or above the age of completion of compulsory schooling, whichever is higher
  • Workers under the age of 18 shall not be admitted to any type of work that can damage the health, safety or morals of the worker, including working with hazardous substances, with dangerous machinery, working for long hours or during the night
  1. Remuneration
  • Suppliers shall ensure that men and women are remunerated equally for work of equal value
  • Workers shall be paid a living wage for the state where the employment or work takes place, or the industry standard, whichever is higher
  • Remuneration shall be enough to cover workers' basic needs and include some discretionary income
  • Overtime must be voluntary and paid at a premium rate. All workers must receive at least one rest day every seven
  • Deductions from wages as a disciplinary method shall not be permitted
  • Written information about rumination and working conditions shall be provided to the workers
  1. Discrimination
  • Suppliers shall not discriminate against workers based on race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction, age, marital status, disability, social origin or any other distinguishing characteristics or reason
  • Suppliers shall promote equality of opportunity and treatment between workers 
  1. Health and safety
  • The workplace shall be healthy and safe, and toilets, drinking water and a place to rest and eat shall be provided
  • Suppliers shall, as far as reasonably practicable, protect workers’ health and minimise accidents during the execution of work
  • Workers shall be trained to use correctly machinery and equipment, and substances, and shall be aware of machinery, equipment, and substances whose use is prohibited