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Finest materials that reduce plastic and fashion industry waste. Ethical manufacturing. Timeless design.

Our materials

We take a lot of pride in the materials we use. You can be sure that every element of our designs is made from sustainable recycled textiles - from the zips to the linings and everything in-between.

The materials we use also look great and are designed to last. 

Our designs

We’re passionate about keeping our costs to a minimum without compromising on quality. Everything at BEEN is carefully handcrafted from sustainable fabrics, with a focus on both function and style. With their simple shapes, sturdy construction and nature-inspired colour palette, our designs are made to be used time and time again - for every occasion, throughout every season.

Our studio

We minimise our carbon footprint by producing everything locally in London, in a bright studio with safe working conditions. With more than 30 years of experience working with some of the biggest brands in Britain, our makers are extremely skilled at handcrafting designs.

We also take steps to keep the waste in our studio to a minimum. You’ll notice that most of our designs are square or rectangular. This means we’re able to produce close to zero fabric offcuts and floor cuttings in the design process.

Our inspiration

Designed and made in the best city on Earth, BEEN is very much inspired by the London lifestyle. All of our pieces are named after our favourite areas of East London. This is where the brand was born, and it’s where we go to work every day.

Our designs are influenced by the simple beauties we see in nature. Soft grey pebbles. The calm blue sea. The lush, textured green of a palm tree. In our eyes, nature is the ultimate style icon: colourful, untamed, and endlessly versatile. It doesn’t blindly follow trends, and it never goes out of fashion.

Our packaging

When you place an order with BEEN, it arrives at your door in completely recycled and recyclable materials. No layers of bubble wrap and no laminated paper, ever. All of our packaging and logistics are done by the Camden Society, a social enterprise that trains and employs londoners with learning disabilities.