Alice Peers - July 2021


We get it. It's tricky to completely cut plastic out of your life just like that, but we are HUGE believers in everyone doing what they can imperfectly opposed to leaving it to the few who do it perfectly. It's about the journey... not the destination!

It's a shocking statistic but the average person makes their way though over 99kg of plastic every year (and that number will be even higher if you have children). But fear no more. From wooden clothing pegs to your local milk man, find below just some of our top tips to reduce your plastic consumption…

1. Make your weekly food shop plastic free

...and local! Finding your nearest zero-waste supermarket is a game changer. Simply bring your own containers, only buy what you need, support local businesses and choose organic - what's not to love?! Bulk Market in Hackney is our go-to.

2. Your local milk man

And don’t be fooled, most deliver more than just locally sourced dairy (and they have plenty of non-dairy milk options too!). Come rain or shine, it’s so nice to wake up in the morning to fresh produce.

3. Ice cubes galore!

On sunny days it's almost an essential to invest in a couple of reusable stainless steel ice cube trays. The benefits are endless and let's face it, we shouldn't be buying frozen water. The trays are a fun way to add more flavour (summer berries = divine!) and we'd be lying if we said it isn't more fun when your ice cubes are heart or star shaped.

4. The power of refillable

Deodorant, oat milk, cleaning products… pens! The list is endless. There are so many great refillable services (many delivered straight to your door via subscription!) - we especially love Spruce’s refillable cleaning products and Wild's sustainable deodorant.

5. Reusable facecloths and pads

Face wipes are made from non biodegradable plastics and this can so easily be replaced with reusable fabric washcloths and pads! We love Sand & Sky for reusable cotton pads and Magnitone for their reusable washcloths.

6. Choose natural fabrics over polyester

Yep, plastic finds its way into our clothes too! Choose carefully when you're looking to invest in new clothing and pick natural fabrics (such as cotton) over polyester which is a synthetic material. Not only is cotton much softer on the skin (and great if you suffer from allergies!), it's natural and breathable... better for the environment and for you.

7. Choose wooden laundry pegs

Ah, the smell of fresh laundry! Let’s face it, your clothes always feel better when they’ve dried outside. Let your washing dry naturally in the warm English summer using wooden clothes pegs instead of plastic.

8. The plastic free joys of a 99 flake

Go on then! Next time you’re out in the park, opt for a waffle cone over a tub with a plastic spoon or a lolly that’s in a wrapper.

9. Join the feminine hygiene revolution

It’s been incredible to see the feminine hygiene industry dramatically change of the last few years. We really admire the work of DAME and their plastic free products.

10. Your local area

Finally, next time you’re out and about, take a few minutes out of your day to pick up any plastic waste that might be lying about. We can all do our bit!

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