Ellie Burns - October 2021


We're delighted to have been awarded a grant from ReLondon to help us pilot the circular economy initiative. Working with ReLondon and the Mayor of London's Green New Deal Fund, we're one of only 33 (!) businesses to have been awarded funding to support and improve London's waste and resource management whilst transforming the city into a leading low carbon circular economy.

So, what are we doing?

In short, we're creating a plastic-free and compostable handbag made using Treekind™'s 'leaf leather'!

Why is this important?

Whilst virgin leather comes with its own serious environmental issues, many leather alternatives that are currently available are still tricky to recycle and dispose of. At the moment, most often include a PU or polyester backing somewhere (even in the most innovative, vegan and low carbon materials!) and although they might be biodegradable - they will still leave micro-plastics in the environment. We’ve been on a mission to change this since we started and we have now found a partner in crime (Treekind™!) which will be fully circular and compostable!

How are we doing it? 

We're working with an incredible start up called Biophilica who have a lab just around the corner from us. They are creating a groundbreaking 'leaf leather' made from urban plant waste collected from London parks (no, really, it’s made from leaves and twigs!)

Biodegradable V compostable - what's the difference?

Whilst biodegradable refers to any materials that can break down in the environment, compostable goods are specifically organic matter - they have so many more benefits (including fertilising and improving soil health!)

When are you doing it and where can I buy it? 

Right NOW! Our pilot is in full swing but the bag won't be available to purchase for quite a while yet. Make sure to follow our progress here where we'll be documenting the innovative process and behind the scenes!